How To Become Master Of Your Thoughts

How To Become Master Of Your Thoughts

Sometimes our brain is taking over and controlling us. Being in this helpless situation is very challenging. Our body and soul feel numbed and we just move around like a puppet on a string. Thoughts are racing and chasing each other, filling us with emotions, fears, and worries. It goes in circles and slowly but surely, we lose our minds. It does not even have to be such an extreme scenario. Simply being out of control for some minutes can take us and our surrounding down. 

Being master of your mind is a fundamental skill that helps you to control your emotions, achieve big things and become more resilient every day. With certain exercises and methods, you can become the master of your thoughts.

Learn to pause

We tend to think multiple things at the same time, to be faster, more efficient, and multitasking. It takes a lot of energy and makes your brain tired, confused and unclear. Give yourself a break. Focus on simply being yourself without having countless thoughts running around your head. Learn to pause and you will gain control.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises help you to slow down your thoughts and become more aware of what is going on in your mind. It calms you down, clears the mess in your brain, and supports you to organize your thoughts. Breathing exercises are a great way to observe your thoughts and learn to be in control.

Understand triggers

Everybody has them. They can be so various and unexpected. The more you are aware of triggers the better you are in control of unexpected events and situations. It helps you to control your emotions, fears, and worries. Understanding your triggers is the first step of taking action. Find ways and methods to deal with triggers and handle difficult situations with proactive thoughts and tools.

Encourage positivity

Everybody always says to think positive. Sometimes that is very challenging, but training it every day helps you to develop a strong positive mindset. Find positive triggers that help you to keep up in difficult situations. This can be a certain situation, memory, or person. If it has a positive connotation, take it with you and make it a tool of positivity.

Accept yourself

People think, handle situations and difficulties differently, and have different beliefs. If you are a very rational person- accept it. If you are a very emotional person- accept it. See the benefits of your mindset and strengthen them with your awareness and acceptance.

Get inspired

Never stop to get inspired. Whether it is reading a book, listening to podcasts, or talking with inspirational people, make it a routine. New ideas, views, opinions, and beliefs are a very important aspect of your mental growth and development of strength. It is a way to increase your resilience.

Define your limits

Make sure to have a clear line and a stop mark that helps you to be in control. Don´t let negative thoughts or memories (triggers) through. Keep all thoughts in their place. Be organized and manage your thoughts with clear limits.


Affirmations are one of the most popular tools to control and lead thoughts. Making affirmations regularly helps you to focus on certain aspects, ideas, or plans. People affirm their business dreams or personal desires to activate their minds working in special directions.

Clean up

One of the first steps that you should take is cleaning up. Don´t let any trash be in your head. Different methods can help to get rid of negative thoughts sneaking around in your mind. Let go of the past, free your mind and give space to positivity and growth.

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