Soumya Saxena, fashion entrepreneur making an impact with Madam Fortune

Soumya Saxena, fashion entrepreneur making an impact with Madam Fortune

Soumya Saxena, a fashion entrepreneur with a mission to provide luxury products at an affordable price around the world. Being a style enthusiast and a model, she has been able to inspire thousands of people. With her rapidly growing Instagram page, she regularly publishes content that empowers followers to live comfortably without breaking the bank. 

With her strong entrepreneurial spirit, she has been able to dominate the luxury fashion industry. This is an exclusive interview where Soumya will be sharing valuable information about fashion and entrepreneurship. 

Hello Soumya, we are thrilled to have you on our media. Please tell us how you got started with Madam Fortune?

From the day I remember myself, I have been attracted and fascinated by the beauty and fashion industry. I worked with numerous brands at the beginning of my career and got a higher understanding of different products and qualities. For years I have been planning and researching to start my own brand that will fulfill the needs of people at a budget. Right now luxurious products are largely consumed by wealthy people, and for others, there are hardly any options available. With Madam Fortune, I want to encourage people to live with quality and provide a platform where anyone can find luxuries & lifestyle products.

How can customers buy products from Madam Fortune?

I am a strong believer in Tech and have implemented a large part of it on Madam Fortune. My team is continuously working to enhance the customer experience and make the buying process extremely straightforward. We are officially going to launch our business on OCT 1st, and anyone with an internet connection can access our website to make a purchase. On the home page, visitors will be shown the most sold and trending items of the store. Every interested customer can effortlessly see previous buyer’s reviews, prices, and details about the product. We provide free shipping for the products that are £35 or more.

What are your future plans for Madam Fortune?

The plan is to establish the company as one of the unique luxury and lifestyle brands. We want our customers to feel proud when they use or wear the products. To be exact, the plan is to serve and impact millions of people. The company will be consistently committed to fulfilling the customers’ needs!

Growth is another important task that I and my team will be focusing on. We have been able to sell hundreds of products even without being officially launched. Our Social media profile of Madam Fortune is growing significantly and has reached over 20.8 thousand followers as of today. We are also recruiting individuals who have similar dreams like us through the Brand Ambassador Program. In conclusion, the current and the future plans are the commitment to always provide high-quality luxury products to customers at affordable prices.

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