Self-Awareness – First Steps Towards Positivity

Self-Awareness - First Steps Towards Positivity

In the process of growing up, humans learn the basics of self-awareness. A newborn baby has no awareness that it is a being separate from the mother. At a very young age, children do not understand that the child they see in the mirror is themselves, after a few years they can recognize themselves. It can also be seen in the language as toddlers mostly talk about themselves in the third person before they identify themselves as “I”. Getting older self-awareness seems to lose its importance and people do not give a lot of attention to it. 

This is very dangerous because the self gets isolated and any feeling, emotion, or action seems unreasonable and random. A lot of individuals distance themselves from their identity and character because they feel overwhelmed with the feeling. They are not aware of themselves.

The own personality, individuality, and identity is a vital aspect of every human. Being self-conscious, they can take active roles in society, find their own character, develop resilience and strength. It is the idea of not being confused with self-perception and the concept of oneself.

Self-Awareness as a method to get to know yourself

Individuals usually become aware of their emotions and feeling in the teenage, but don’t give much attention to it. As people change their habits, characters, and identities depending on their circumstances, they can get confused about themselves. 

Becoming conscious about the self is fundamentally important to get to know personality and individuality.

Training self-awareness helps to manage anger better and reduces the potential of aggression. Focusing on oneself is a great way to understand feelings, thoughts, and behaviors

Identify your emotions

Humans are lucky to experience so many emotions. But without understanding that can be confusing and irritating. Every person should be capable of identifying feelings and emotions.

Define positive coping strategies

Only being conscious about yourself is not enough. Having toxic coping strategies can take a person down. After identifying the emotions, a human should recognize its primary coping strategies and define or redirect them. 

Find your own beliefs

Getting better at knowing yourself you should define and find your own beliefs and standards. Know what you need, what is important, and what helps you. 

Being aware of oneself is important for every human because it helps to understand actions, feelings, and how they can be changed and improved. Self-awareness is a factor that strengthens the identity and capability of a person. It means that individuals can name their needs, become who they want to be, achieve their goals and basically develop a positive mindset.

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