Social Media Fasting – The Benefits Of Taking A Break

Social Media Fasting - The Benefits Of Taking A Break

Being online 24/7 is the new normal. A lot of companies work with social media continuously and for many actions, it is required to use WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook. Is it for business purposes or simply being entertained, people all over the world spend a lot of time on social media. The development and usage of social media have a lot of benefits (new marketing and selling options, fast communication, new jobs, and a high level of entertainment) but at the same time, people feel stressed, tired and anxious, or distracted because of social media. The discussion about the benefits and disadvantages is controversial, and individuals find solutions and ways to use or not use social media platforms.

It became common that people fast social media. It can go from simply not using Facebook for a week or forgo Instagram. Some people only fast certain activities or platforms while others take a complete break from all social media channels. Even people define the rules for their fasting differently, the effects and especially the benefits are similar. 

Less distraction

Taking a break from social media leads to less distraction. Usually, you might take out your phone while waiting for the train or scroll through Instagram in moments of boredom. Being at work or writing your thesis for University, you cannot get distracted by social media. Did you ever realize how many times you take out your phone without a reason? Well, not using social media is a great way to be less distracted.

Time to reprioritize

Fasting social media gives you time to find your interests again. Reading one after another post on Facebook is a simple and lazy activity. Not doing this gives you time to do new activities. It helps you to discover new hobbies, activities and increases your creativity. It is a great time to reprioritize what is important in life (from post likes to real friendships and interactions).

More free time

Simple but true! You will have more free time when you take a social media break. You have time to think, to feel yourself, interact with people, read a book or just bake a cake.

Conscious use

Not being active on social media gives you a new and distanced perspective on how you want to use social media. What is the purpose and what is the need? You might realize that you don´t need certain platforms or define the use of others differently

Clearer Mind

As Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram are great ways to get distracted and lost, being away from them clears your mind. It calms you down and you can reorganize your thoughts and feeling.

Being in the presence

Social media fasting automatically leads to being in the presence. Normally, you would keep your eyes on the screen while waiting for your coffee. Now, you can take a look, observe your surrounding and be part of what is happening.

Stronger/meaningful relationships

Many people say, that their relationships became stronger when they quit using social media for a certain time. They spend attentive and conscious time with their friends and focus on the interactions more.

Less Comparison

Social media has a very strong comparing character. Seeing the perfect, fit, and happy influencers, makes an average follower feel bad or sad because their life does not look like shown on social media. Not being active and watching every story on Instagram makes people more self-aware and individuals rarely tend to compare themselves with social media celebrities. 

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