Manifestation Queens: How To Unleash Your Limitless Potential

Manifestation Queens: How To Unleash Your Limitless Potential

One of the secrets to achieving anything we desire is by allowing things to happen. When we believe in the flow of energy and behave as if the thing we desire is already present with us, the universe makes it come true in the right time. We don’t need to strongly enforce certain things to happen. With the daily repetition of the vision, mindset and effective practice, anyone can experience the transformation they aspire.

Manifestation is a tool an entrepreneur and even every human should add to their knowledge and practice to develop potentials which will take them to a higher personal, spiritual and professional level.

I’m honored to introduce you to Melissa Withers, a freedom coach, speaker, manifestation queen, affiliate marketer, and adventurer committed to help individuals unleash their limitless potential. She believes that the right manifestation strategies create the path to achieve an abundant meaningful life and thriving business.

In the exclusive interview, Melissa talks candidly about the manifestation block people are struggling with and how to overcome those difficulties.

Hello Melissa, we’re thrilled to have you on our media. Please tell us more about you and your business.

Thank you for having me! I have two main paths that I focus on with my business. One is to help people who have no tech/business experience create a full-time income online through simple affiliate marketing and personal branding, and the second (Manifestation Queens) blends strategy, science and spirituality to help people quantum leap to even greater levels of abundance, income and impact in their life and business.Manifestation queens

Melissa Withers

What is the most common block your clients experience and what do you advise them?

One of the most common questions I get is from people asking me what they’re doing wrong when nothing seems to be shifting around them. They tell me they are journaling, repeating affirmations, staring at their vision board all the live long day and trying every strategy under the sun, but nothing is working.

Here’s the thing, manifestation is an energetic process. If what you’re declaring you want on the outside and what you actually want on the inside are not in alignment, things will not happen. Whenever there is resistance, we slow down the process and can be our own biggest enemies!

For example, if you’re stating externally that you want to have a $20,000 month in your business, yet on the inside you’re afraid of losing the money straight away, paying extra taxes or that people are going to take advantage of you (or whatever other crazy scenario), then we create a disconnect through the misalignment. When what we SAY we want, and what we ACTUALLY want are the same, that’s where the magic happens.

As humans, we are energetic beings having a human experience. We’re extremely powerful and we’re all constantly manifesting, whether we realise it or not (both good things and not so good things)! The key is to be intentional with what you want to call into your life and experience on a daily basis.

How can someone unleash their full potential and get anything they want?

The first step to getting what you want in life is by having a crystal clear vision of exactly what that is. Vision is always the foundation of everything that I do, as it ties back to being deeply intentional with our actions as we know exactly what we want from the outcomes. Know what you want, and couple it with a burning desire to make it happen.

It’s also important to affirm the things you desire in a positive frame, for example, rather than saying something like “I’m so happy I’m not in a terrible relationship anymore,” you would instead affirm the ideal/positive of that “I’m so happy to be in the most incredible relationship ever!” It’s such a tiny difference, but we always want to be stating what we DO want, not what we DON’T want.

Awareness of the lack of something will produce more of that lack energy and send a similar message to the universe. Whenever you find yourself spiralling into a negative headspace, list the things that you’re thankful for. Gratitude will bring a higher vibration, which enables you to generate a positive message.

Embrace that everything you want is already out there in the universe for you. With manifestation, we’re creating a flow of spiritual energy that will align and channel our desires to bring them closer into our physical experience.

Belief and trust are essential while manifesting. It sounds cliché, but believing it’s possible for you really is half of the work to making it happen! We are all capable of achieving our every desire, if you can imagine it in your mind, it means you already have the capability within yourself to make it happen.

When we are aligned with high vibrations, there are no limits to what we can attract.

It was amazing to learn some of the manifestation insights from Melissa. We hope reading her answers has helped you gain ideas on how to start unleashing your limitless potential. To get additional tips or to be part of  manifestation queens that will help you to achieve abundance & create a thriving business, reach out to her via her official website :

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