Faith Cabico, Refining & Clarifying Peoples Life with Faith Hope Enlight

Faith Cabico, Refining & Clarifying Peoples Life with Faith Hope Enlight

We want to become successful at what we do. But even if we put in the hardest work often we are not able to reach our goal. This is where you need to think and look for solutions from different perspectives. The universe is filled with energy and it gives us what we share with it. If we intend to work hard, we will be working hard all the time. If we feel successful even after accomplishing small goals, the universe builds momentum for us and makes way to achieve bigger goals. Our life is in our own hands. We can thrive on it or get stuck in every moment. It all depends on the energy we provide and share with the universe.

Meet Faith Cabico, Founder of Faith Hope Enlight. She is a spiritual transformation coach and energy healing expert. Faith not only helps humans but also does pet Reiki and home clearing. She is also active in teaching intuition 101 & crystal basics. She creates bath salt, bath bombs, and sells crystals.

When our body & mind are clear, we can achieve anything we desire. But with all the past incidents & energy blocks, people are not able to move forward in life. Faith says” There is emotional and physical pain in humans that can’t be removed with regular medicine. Daily I meet people who have been having trouble with pain for years. By doing Reiki on them, they feel lighter in weight, happy and get back to their sense of beautiful living”.

I am different from most reiki masters/practitioners because of my light energy.

Reiki Energy is a light calm energy you can barely feel.

But with my light energy people feel it more strongly and it’s more effective. Faith Cabico

When our body is not tuned with universal energy flow, we start to fall sick in different ways. With regular Reiki treatment, people will be able to experience balanced chakras. Knowing and understanding energy practices is one of the ways to inherit & activate self-healing. When the body, mind, and energy are aligned, we vibrate at a higher frequency. This brings love, joy, and happiness to people’s lives. Energy healers are not religious practitioners so anyone can visit with an open mind and get the benefits. 

I am here to help make a difference in people’s lives. To show them that there is more to life than just a day job. That we all have a life purpose, a soul mission.

I am here as their teacher, healer, guide to help them along their spiritual journey.–  Faith Cabico

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