3 Simple but Effective Ways You Can Get the Very Best From Your Team According to Rico Handjaja

3 Simple but Effective Ways You Can Get the Very Best From Your Team According to Rico Handjaja

Today’s rapidly evolving and cutthroat business environment means a successful organization depends on how well their team performs. To accomplish the goals of the organization and maintain the desired level of agility, your team must be performing at the top of its collective ability. It may sound like tough work, but there are easy to execute — yet highly effective — methods for bringing out the best in your team. In this article we will dive into 3 techniques mentioned by Rico Handjaja to unlock the power of your team.

1. Establish a culture of trust and open communication.

You cannot build a strong and highly effective team without trust. Team members who trust their leaders and each other will be more inclined to work together, take calculated risks, and freely share their ideas. Transparent, open communications will help build trust within your team. Here’s how you can achieve it:

a. Active Listening: To be a leader, be an active listener to your team members. Ask them what they think, what bothers them, and what suggestions they have. You demonstrate that their thoughts and opinions are valued by really taking the time to listen to what they say.

b. Transparency: Transparency is key. Communicate the company’s vision, mission, and how important decisions are made openly. If employees see the whole picture, then everyone will align their activities with the organization’s goals.

c. Accountability: Hold everyone, like yourself, responsible for their decisions and actions. Responsibility and commitment come only when everyone is held responsible in a culture of accountability.

d. Feedback: Feedback is imperative for personal and professional growth. Give constructive feedback, and remind team members to do the same with each other. This assists in identifying areas that need improvement as well as areas where we have succeeded already.

2. Offer learning opportunities.

Workers that believe their company invests in their growth and professional development will feel more inclined to be engaged and committed as workers. To get the very best from your team, consider the following:

a. Training and Skill Development: Run staff training courses and workshops, to improve their skills and awesomeness! invest regularly in continuing education so that your team is always up-to-speed on the market.

b. Mentorship and Coaching: Match young team members with mentors or coaches and have them coach others or help to plan events. This not only speeds up their development but also encourages collaboration between team members by making sure people know how others are doing and what’s been done.

c. Clear Career Paths: Clear out the confusions about future career growth in a company. When people feel there’s a future within the company, they will contribute more in their work.

d. Recognition and Rewards: Recognize and reward exceptional performance. It could be a reward for exceptional performance, or even just a pat on the back. Recognizing effort raises spirits and drives forward.

3. Encourage Collaboration and Diversity

A diverse and collaborative team can come up with new ideas and find unique solutions. To harness the full potential of your team, create an environment that encourages collaboration and embraces diversity:

a. Team Building Activities: Plan out team building exercises and bonding opportunities that build trust and connection. They enable the improvement of team dynamics and promote cooperation.

b. Diversity and Inclusion: Embracing diversity from gender to ethnicity, age, background and more. A diverse team has varied opinions and experiences of their own which often result in creative problem solving.

c. Cross-Functional Teams: Encourage cross-functional collaboration. When individuals from different teams come together, they are able to solve tough problems in a collaborative and cross-pollinate learning setting.

d. Innovation Time: Set aside time for creative thinking and invention. Encourage team members to experiment, learn, and work on personal projects or new ideas that support the company’s objectives.


By creating an environment that promotes trust and transparency, offering chances for advancement and learning, and encouraging cooperation and inclusivity, you can unlock the hidden capabilities of our team. A motivated and involved team not only works better, but it’s also more likely to stick with your organization for the long haul. So go ahead and implement these easy but effective strategies, and watch your team start flourishing.

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