VP Guides | How to Submit an NFT-based Installation Design Proposal

VP Guides | How to Submit an NFT-based Installation Design Proposal

Have you had the chance to read about creating stunning immersive installations from your digital topography NFTs? If you’re completely unfamiliar with the LiquidiTao project, our Whitepaper Mini is a wonderful place to begin. It explains both the underpinnings of the community structure and the monetary incentives behind member-designed installations.

TLDR; successful proposals get funded, and successful installers get quarterly dividends!

Take advantage of the opportunity to inspire the community by creating original applications which will elevate the brand equity for all holders! In order to win the available treasury funds, there is a required documentation upload process, which is detailed below.

Holders who submit their installation design for the community vote can get treasury funds to cover the costs of their installation if they win, but the rewards don’t stop there. Upon the installation’s completion, they qualify for quarterly dividends (15% of future sales), shared equally between all members who’ve been successful with treasury installations.

This is to incentivize holders following through on the installation execution plan which will progressively elevate brand equity. For more information on the role of the community treasury, visit our website page entitled ‘About the LiqudiTao project’.

The one eligibility requirement to submit a design proposal is to be an active VanPoure NFT holder. Only active holders have license to create physical derivative works of their Topography NFTs. Similarly, since these individuals are expected to be more invested in the well-being of the community than non-holders the voting power is also exclusively given to active holders. To learn more about how this whitelist process works using the Snapshot dApp for voting, read our article How to Vote on Proposals.

Preparation Checklist

VanPoure’s community treasury page which will reflect the treasury funds that may be requested. The amount in the treasury on July 31, 2022 is the maximum amount allocated to this first round of funding.

The Installation Submission Form will be available on our website for the length of the submission period: Aug 1-Sept 28th, 2022.

In order to submit a proposal, the holder may prepare the following:

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