Ciinderella Balthazar- Independent Artist Making Waves

Ciinderella Balthazar- Independent Artist Making Waves

Music plays an important role in many people’s lives. It can be a source of entertainment and enjoyment, a way to express emotions, and a means of connecting with others. One of the main benefits of music is that it can be a form of stress relief. Listening to music can help to relax the body and mind, and can be used as a form of meditation or a way to unwind after a long day. It can also provide a distraction from daily stressors and can help to improve overall mood. 

Enter Ciinderella Balthazar, an independent artist based in London with a Multi-instrumentalist and a Multicultural background. She released her debut single “Holding Back” on her own Label, Diva Recordings. Ciinderella’s music is based on her own personal experiences and journey, exploring the magic that can be found in small moments of happiness.This year, Friday 24th March 2023 she will release a single that is called ”VOICES”. In September 2024, her debut album ” Tough Journey” will be released. 

Additionally, Ciinderella Balthazar owns Humble Talents– an agency dedicated to finding & empower emerging artists – currently represents 5 other talents who are immersed in disrupting the industry with authentic performances that are filled with passion and the finest dedication.

Ciinderella Balthazar- Independent Artist Making Waves

Ciinderella believes music plays a great role in society and brings people together. From attending concerts to listening to music with friends, music can be a shared experience that can strengthen relationships and create a sense of community. Balthazar uses music as a form of self-expression and a powerful tool for communicating emotions and ideas. Whether it’s through her singing or playing an instrument ( Piano, Guitar, or bass), people often find an instant connection and resonate with her. 

Ciinderella is an inspiration to many artists. She hasn’t limited herself to music but has shown astonishing talent in fashion and entrepreneurship. Her work with luxury brands; Christian Louboutin Beauty, Vacheron Constantin, Bulgari, Salvatore Ferragamo, Penfolds, Nyetimber, Calvin Klein Fragrances, and Miller Harris is evidence of Ciinderella’s accomplishment. 

In recent years, Ciinderella has become known as a style icon and often attends fashion weeks around the world. Her love for fashion and art manifests in her clothing choices, often featuring intricate designs and high-quality materials. She also enjoys supporting small businesses, organic brands, and startups that are based in rural areas. 
Ciinderella has been a significant advocate for women’s empowerment. With over 285K global followers, she inspires and illustrates that everything is achievable in life. Born in Belgium, Ciinderella has forged the ladder of success herself- whether it’s by self-funding her album or taking the leap to multiple entrepreneurial projects turning every setback into majestic success.

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