Giftedizmusic – Tongue Tied Feature

Giftedizmusic – Tongue Tied Feature

Ask anyone who makes music for a living what it’s like to make music, and you’ll soon discover that it’s more than just a job to them. Creating music is a passion, a burning desire to make art that expresses the ideas and thoughts of the minds behind it. More often than not, artists don’t just try to create a catchy tune, they want you to share a small slice of themselves with you. This is exactly the case when it comes to the artist known as Giftedizmusic.

Separating him from his music is practically impossible, considering how much of himself he puts into each and every one of his songs. His latest feature single, “Tongue Tied,” is  testament to this, with a fascinating writing style and strong sense of musicality behind every decision. It’s also a surprisingly personal tune, rewarding the avid listener willing to dig deeper into their art. 

Today, we’ll be taking a deeper look at the ideas reflected within “Tongue Tied,” and the sheer musical talent that goes into creating something like this. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll receive a greater understanding of the artist, the ideas behind his music, and themes he writes around. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into Giftedizmusic’s “Tongue Tied” to see just what sets it apart from the crowd.

The Themes and Ideas Behind “Tongue Tied”

Every song begins with an idea, a theme that carries the meaning of the song forward. It’s this theme that characterizes and informs every musical decision made within a song. In a way, this theme is the backbone of the artistic statement behind your craft. So, this then begs the question, what exactly are the themes behind “Tongue Tied?” What is Giftedizmusic trying to say with this single?

What’s instantly obvious about the single is how it’s overtly intimate and sensual, exploring the sexual nature of Giftedizmusic’s relationship. It’s not necessarily the most serious song, but it’s also surprisingly personal. The song also doesn’t go out of its way to hide what it’s about, as it’s almost proud of what it is. That’s because, as anyone can tell after an extended amount of time, is that “Tongue Tied” is essentially a big flex.

Yes, that’s right, “Tongue Tied” is Giftedizmusic, showcasing how he’s a great lover, someone who stands above the rest in the department of making love specifically. There’s no tongue-in-cheek, it’s a straight up, honest-to-goodness, not safe for work sex jam. Of course, this type of song is pretty common with the RnB and Hip-hop genres, and some of them have became fairly iconic.

To make something like this work however, the writing’s got to be some pretty solid stuff. You can’t truly capture these complex, intimate feelings without writing that’s clever and charismatic. So, the question then becomes, how does the single hold up in that regard?

The Art of Writing Intimacy

Intimacy in songs is a fascinating topic, as a most artists tend to approach it bluntly, without much care for the more delicate parts of the act. “Tongue Tied” however plays into more personal aspect of the topic, exploring intimacy through sex and vices. Thankfully, the writing of the single is excellent, really capturing the smooth and sensual nature of the act. Intimacy is difficult to write, but “Tongue Tied” makes a strong case for it.

Every line is simply dripping with smooth, charismatic energy, supplied by Giftedizmusic himself. The song’s essentially about how Giftedizmusic picks up women to have sex with, how they love how he treats them and how great the act is. It makes no allusions towards drawing a greater meaning from the act itself, instead indulging in the baseline pleasures one gets from it.

What truly sells the idea however is Giftedizmusic’s delivery itself, which as we mentioned earlier, is smooth and sultry in all the best ways. His voice and mannerisms are perfect for this style and genre of music, and he completely sells us on the effect the song is trying to achieve. It’s a fantastically strong performance, and one that sets Giftedizmusic apart as an outstanding presence among his peers within the genre.

Conveying Intimacy Through Music

While writing is definitely important to getting the idea of intimacy across in a song, playing an equally important role is the music itself. If the music doesn’t set the tone and atmosphere that the lyrics are trying to convey, then the song itself falls apart at the seams. With that in mind, how does “Tongue Tied” hold up under scrutiny? Well, we’re happy to announce that it passes with flying colors.

Smooth, sultry and evocative, the music on the single flawlessly establishes the song’s mood from its very first note. The way the synths on the song bend and flow capture a slightly gritty, dirty tone that matches the song’s lyrics. There’s a fantastic build-up, really ramping up anticipation for the song’s climax and chorus. When the chorus finally lands, it’s a smooth breakdown that builds on top of the song so far to satisfying effect.

There are many different musical influences at play here, blending genre hallmarks and established ideas to great effect. But, despite this, “Tongue Tied” is also wholly unique in its execution,standing as a confident reflection of Giftedizmusic as an artist. Production on the single is also wholly immaculate, sounding smooth, clear and considered. There’s very little to shake a stick at with this single.

“Tongue Tied” is a Masterful RnB Production

“Tongue Tied” is a classic example of a song using its instrumentation perfectly to get across a fully realized idea and theme. Every element of the song, carefully considered to generate a song that fully captures the feeling of having a sensual, sexual experience. It’s also just a fantastic sounding song, being simultaneously catchy, inviting and unique. Giftedizmusic does a simply phenomenal job here, making a strong case for himself as an artist.

We’re definitely looking forward to more from Giftedizmusic, as he continues to trailblaze his way through the music scene. His music holds plenty of promise, and his talent shines through in his work. All of Giftedizmusic’s songs, including “Tongue Tied,” are available on major streaming platforms, so if you’re a fan of RnB, you owe it to yourself to check his material out! 

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