Monica Yvette Toys For Tots Charity Awareness

Monica Yvette Toys For Tots Charity Awareness
Monica Yvette, Model Monica Yvette

Model Monica Yvette is spreading the message this year. “Welcome to the  75th TOYS for TOTS ANNIVERSARY. Christmas is the one time of the year  where everyone’s hearts are open. All people. All walks of life. Loving the  children, meaning all the children. So this union of bringing miracles is a  blessing, to be a part of and making dreams come true. So come get involved  this year”.  

What is Toys for Tots all about? Toys for Tots is a drive to collect unwrapped  toys for children who are in need. The toys are distributed to the local  donators and they’re different communities. Bringing children hope and  motivation. This brings to the community as a whole patriotism, confidence  and community leadership.  

How did Toys for Tots start? In 1947 Diane Hendricks the wife of Bill  Hendricks, a Marine Corps Reserve Major made some handcrafted dolls for  unfortunate children. At the time there was an agency for this she wanted her  husband to deliver the dolls too. The major stepping stone that took place was  USMCR getting involved in Los Angeles. This campaign happened the same  year and gathered over 5,000 toys. Which was huge at the time.  

What Monica Yvette is doing, and how you can get involved. Monica Yvette  is doing media advertising by getting the word out and working in her local  warehouse for Toys for Tots. That is one way you can get involved as well. A  perfect way to spread Holiday cheer. There are other ways individuals can  volunteer or help out. You can donate a toy at a drop off location. Hosting is  available where you can host a Toys for Tots event at your office, home or  any venue. Picking up Toys from one location to another also helps a lot, time  is important in these matters.  

The Marines along with 55,000 volunteers, corporate partners and local  supporters of Toys for Tots, will deliver more than 830 toy collections.  Donations are handed out to 50 states and Washington D.C., Puerto Rico,  Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands which are US Territories. Annually 

reaching seven million children with 18 million in toys. For more than seven  long decades, the Program evolved by growing exponentially this delivered  hope to over 281 million less fortunate children. Toys for Tots has distributed  more than 630 million toys to over 280 million children.  

The 2022 holiday season marks the 75th anniversary of the Marine Corps  Reserve Toys for Tots Program! Please we would love you to join us in a  Nationwide celebration of this wonderful milestone.  

They also have year-round support for families facing challenges and difficult  circumstances, which helps fulfill the hopes and dreams of millions of  American families and children in need across the Nation.  

On November 29th 2022 donations from Disney upscales the Disney  Ultimate Toy Drive to over 100,000 toys for this holiday season. Yet there is  still time to join the Disney Ultimate Toy Drive by buying a toy online to  donate just go to now all the way through December 24,  2022. Or donating a new unwrapped toy. At the Disney Springs at Walt  Disney World Resort or Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort,  now through December 12, 2022.

Key Dates  

Campaign dates: 01 October 2022 to 16 December 2022  

The campaign begins accepting toys: 02 November 2022  

Toy distribution begins: 23 November 2022  

(This is to the registered nonprofit organizations) 

Last day of toy distribution: 22 December 2022  

Toys collected after 15 December 2022 will go to next year’s campaign. 

A big thanks to the national donors National Donor means there organization  was able to make a cash donation at least $5,000 and up to $24,999 or a gift in-kind donation meaning their retail value was between $25,000-$99,999.  What ways are there to give support? And how? You could become a  Corporate Partner and support the Toys for Tots Program. This is done by  Corporate Donations, Gift-in-Kind (Books or New Toys), Ambassador,  Fundraising Events, Corporate matching gifts encouraged with employee  donations and Marketing campaigns.  

Five Star Sponsors.  

Which contributed $1 million or more in cash or 2 million or more in toys.  Pepsi, SCHOLASTIC, Hallmark, Build-A-Bear, Barnes & Nobles, DELTA,  five BELOW, Freeway Insurance, FritoLay, Funko, Group Sales  ( NATIONAL TOY & GIFT DISTRIBUTER), Hasbro, HESS, LEGO, Target,  The UPS Store, UPS, The Walt Disney Company and WUNDERMAN  THOMPSON  

Four Star Sponsors  

Making a major contribution of $500,000 or more in cash. Or 1 million or  more in toys. GAME WRIGHT, CEACO, DURACELL, Gemini collectibles,  Jada and TABLETOP TYCOONS  

I think the most fulfilling part would be to hand out the toys and see they’re  cute little smiles.  Are online front page model thanks the Toys for Tots charity. “This charity  makes the connections. Everyone involved is just so full of Christmas spirit  bringing hope love and inspiration to the whole community. Children  represent innocence and imagination they are the magic in life. They still  believe. We need that we really do. Being part of this it brings us back to that  place that child inside us. And the true meaning of Christmas giving from are  hearts. So Merry Christmas and have a blessed and Happy new Year”.

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