What is Bikini Iron Beauty?

“Some call it vanity… we call it preserving what the good Lord gave ya!”

Bikini Iron Beauty is making major waves in the beauty industry. The innovative brand was born from founder Annie Boatright’s passion for fitness, beauty, and the belief that everyone should be able to feel beautiful in their skin!

Bikini Iron Beauty’s mission is to help you take your beauty journey into your own hands. Taking care of yourself and your skin doesn’t have to break the bank. The brand offers online-based comprehensive modules to teach you how to conduct expensive in-clinic beauty treatments at home.

Why DIY Beauty?

Like most new mothers, Annie felt she had no time for herself and was losing herself in the process. She found herself stuck in a rut and moving aimlessly through life.

Everything changed when she decided to take charge of her life and move in a more fulfilling and healthy direction.

“I wanted to feel good about myself and make a better life for myself and my daughter,” she said. “I needed to gain back the confidence that I once had and start loving me again.”

Her first step in her journey was to set a fitness goal. Rekindling her love for working out led her to challenge herself further, and she began competing in the NPC’s bikini division. She entered the competition as a newbie with no formal coach. Despite that, she developed and followed her personal program and trained extensively. Her hard work paid off tremendously; she is now a four-time NPC overall Bikini Champ! When many of her competitors asked for details about her coaching and program, she decided to launch her fitness brand, Bikini Iron Fitness!

Annie’s passion for helping others and self-improvement led her to start researching new ways to elevate herself further. When she noticed that her skin was suffering from dieting for competitions, she began to look into DIY beauty treatments.

“The results that I was able to get from my own at-home treatments were astounding, so I knew this was my next calling… I wanted to show people how I was able to improve my skin and help them do the same.”

After launching a YouTube channel to share information, she decided to develop training modules that were more in-depth to help others further! Thus, Bikini Iron Beauty was born!

What can Bikini Iron Beauty offer me?

Maintaining your beauty and improving your skin doesn’t have to break the bank! There is so much that can be achieved at home on your own.

Bikini Iron Beauty’s mission is to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to take beauty treatments into your own hands. The comprehensive online modules will give you step-by-step instructions and information to develop your skills to achieve fantastic results at home. It takes a deep dive into basic anatomy, how to prepare and conduct safe and sterile procedures, and how to properly execute the treatments.

Some online modules include micro-needling, Botox, chemical peels, PRP, and mesotherapy!

Where do I sign up?

Bikini Iron Beauty’s online beauty modules will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to take your beauty journey into your own hands.

You can purchase the advanced membership for access to helpful virtual modules, a tried and trusted list of private vendors to buy the products from, exclusive discount codes, and qualify for product giveaways!

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