Meet Radhaa Nilia, Queen of Collaborative Books

Meet Radhaa Nilia, Queen of Collaborative Books

Radhaa is the founder of Radhaa Publishing House, where she empowers people’s voices to shine by sharing their gifts and stories and stepping into the spotlight through collaborative books. Radhaa is the curator and author of the Best Selling Awakening Starseeds Book series. She loves bringing together voices from around the world to share their stories. In this interview, we ask Radhaa some questions about her plans for Radhaa Publishing House for 2022 and beyond. 

Radhaa is the leading expert on Goddess Archetypes, using them for healing and empowerment. Her most recent book, Pillars of Light, Stories of Goddess Activations™, is based on her original modality of Goddess Activation™ and includes women’s direct stories and experiences from Goddess Activations™ sessions. You can grab a copy HERE: 

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Meet Radhaa Nilia, Queen of Collaborative Books

Tell us about Radhaa Publishing House:

We are unique in the fact that we focus on collaborative books. Stories that touch the heart and minds of the seekers. We love the camaraderie and recognize how important it is to bring people together, especially with the last two years of lockdowns and people feeling so isolated. Our approach is about bringing people’s voices together worldwide through inspirational books with specific themes, from Awakening to Healing and Women’s Empowerment. Radhaa Publishing House books are meant to empower both the contributing writers and the readers. We intended to create meaningful books that would stand the test of time and create a legacy. It’s true that our books also serve as directories. At the end of each person’s chapter, we place the writer’s picture, along with the in-depth bio of their work and offerings, so that readers can connect with the writer. That has led to writers being found by a new audience, more visits to their website, and real, authentic connections that lead to business, friendship, and, many have said, soul family. It’s all about connection, and it’s beautiful to come together to create something as special as a book.

Tell us about your love for Storytelling and why it’s so important to you:

Both my parents are storytellers. My father is a musician and tells stories through songwriting and performing. And my mother, Maya The Shaman, is a writer, Storyteller, and Holistic Healer. She has some unique modalities called Infinite Cosmic Records, which connect to the Infinite Records to find out about and heal other aspects of ourselves. It fascinated me how the very contrasting stories of our ancestors can all weave together so incredibly. It’s something that inspired me to do the book series. It just felt so natural. These are sacred gifts that honor our ancestors when we tune back into our natural ways of being. I am grateful that she is very tapped into storytelling to stay connected to our ancestors. She’s been the keeper of many stories throughout her lineages. Everyone would tell her the stories, the family’s secrets, from the magical to the tragic. So, she’s served as that mystical gatekeeper of lineage stories. Something that hit me is that so do all of our stories when we go. So what if we could leave a piece of ourselves for our ancestors and future generations to come. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Writing a book becomes a permanent part of History and Legacy.

Meet Radhaa Nilia, Queen of Collaborative Books

How does Radhaa Publishing House offer support to Authors? 

We create opportunities for our writers to get better at what they love to do through their multiple support systems, such as writing coaches, editors, and written feedback our team offers. We are high touch and are always available to our current authors. We want our authors to shine and offer tons of publicity through press releases, podcasts or youtube interviews, and written ones that go into the heart of the digital World as we provide international coverage. Some of them become multi-published authors through us. When we commit to curating a project, we put all of our time, love, and energy into it. Some of them become multi-published authors through us. When we commit to curating a project, we put all of our time, love, and energy into it. So it’s a beautiful feeling to receive feedback that you are making such a difference in someone’s life. We’ve heard from a few of our contributing writers who’ve told us they worked with other companies to help curate their books, paying five figures, and didn’t get even close to the support they received just in working with us in one collaborative book.

What are authors saying, please share feedback: 

“I am so excited to be published in a book from Radhaa Publishing House, because we share the same vision. I believe the timing is ripe to get these types of stories out into mainstream media. Through the many talented writers, who are courageously sharing their incredible “out of this world” stories, during this amazing time when humanity is ready to re-awaken to the truth that lies within us all.” – Lori Roddey, Florida.

“Radhaa and the team were there to support me through the whole process. This was an opportunity for me to tell my story and share my truth! I remember just how rewarding it was that the next morning after turning in my chapter, I was gifted with a beautiful rainbow in the Heavens. I knew my efforts and healing through writing were liberated and freed that day thus going forward.” – Y’Shell Esta, Los Angeles, CA.

“Radhaa Publishing House is currently curating books to help guide humanity and raise consciousness. A remembering of who we are and why we are on this earth at this present time. I believe these books will help future generations to understand what happened during the great awakening of humanity and how their ancestors helped restore heaven on earth and bring in the golden age.” – Blossom Rountree, Oklahoma.

“I am deeply grateful to Radha Publishing House; it has been an honor for me to be part of this wonderful project. Thank you for your transformative collaboration in this New Era.” – Yarimar Valle Andújar, Florida.

“I highly recommend working with Radhaa Publishing House. They are an incredible team that is fully vested in publishing and leaving a legacy of stories about people who have experience in a multi-dimensional world that many people are now awakening to.” – Raziel, California.

Please share any Author Opportunities? 

We offer writers the opportunity to become best-selling authors and are proud to see our authors have well-earned titles. Creating each of our books is a tedious process and requires an objective viewing from each team member, where elements are overseen to make a successful book. We put together a very talented team to provide our authors with what they need. In addition, our team offers creative coaching, editing, book formatting, graphic art covers, technical support, and public relations (PR). This is not usual for collaborative books. We offer reasonable rates for our future book programs. This allows us to cover the cost of our entire team. Each of these vital jobs is done by highly trained and talented professionals in their fields of expertise with a mindset to get things done well.

To summarize, we offer our writers a complete writing program that includes: Coaching, Editing, Formatting, and a final Book Product that they can be proud of. Being a “Bestseller’ is a big deal. That means more speaking gigs, and a higher profile. This reflects the knowledge and trust factor that is important for clients. Our authors benefit so much from becoming “bestsellers’, and this is not only for this life, but a legacy they leave behind for their lineages and the future generations. It’s an investment that keeps on giving. 

Meet Radhaa Nilia, Queen of Collaborative Books

Tell us about the three books you are currently curating this year:

Absolutely, we have a few collaborations we are working on and that are open to interested authors. We actually just released Energy Healing & Soul Medicine book. It’s a collaborative book with Holistic Practitioners from all over the World! It’s been #1 New Release for over five weeks now. You can grab it here: The paperback is being released April 22nd, 2022, so be sure to look out for that.

Meet Radhaa Nilia, Queen of Collaborative Books

As this world is changing rapidly, people are getting a chance to spend more time alone to do their inner work. More and more people are looking to do deeper healing and get to the root of issues rather than just living on the surface and letting the pain pile up. This book is for World-Class Healers, Coaches, Modality Creators & Holistic Innovators to step into bigger opportunities to share their work. It’s been so popular that we are doing Vol. 2. So if you are a Healer, Coach, Holistic Practitioner and you’d like to be a part of it you can read about it HERE:

Awakening Starseeds, Vol. 3, Dreaming into the Future. This has been our bestselling book series and is rather popular! It coincides with the massive awakening happening across the planet at the moment. It’s a special series that brings people together worldwide. So many people have felt related to the various stories and the harsh awakening process. Vol. 3 is specifically for visionaries, dreamers, innovators, those who have a unique perspective of alternative living or innovations to move along this world holistically. We are ready to take a quantum leap into a new future with innovations aligned with our mind, body, and spirit. You can find more HERE:

Radhaa Publishing House is all about empowering the voice of the Divine Feminine, which includes honoring the Goddess that lives within us. Stories of the Goddessis a collaborative book open to those with a sacred relationship with the Goddess in HER many faces and forms. You are invited to join us in this book to represent women who work with the Goddess. This book will enrich the lives of your readers through inspiring content. It celebrates the achievements of incredible women from all walks of life. We invite you to find your voice and purpose in working with the Goddess. 

What Author Opportunities do you have in upcoming Books?

Yes! We have three collaborative books with various themes. You can find all the info on books HERE: If you feel the call to join any of these books, I highly suggest emailing us at We would love to connect with you! 

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