Macy Schuchart, The Women Behind Success Of Ancient Bliss

Macy Schuchart

To do something impactful in life and career requires love for it. Many people follow others to become successful without having a passion for the industry. Those individuals often find themselves in difficult career situations and breakdowns while facing the challenges. Business owners usually have multiple companies to make a profile but entrepreneurs are such individuals who prioritize value & quality rather than making mass low-quality product sales.

Meet Macy Schuchart, one of the Silicon Valley Times Top 30 Entrepreneurs In the Wellness Industry. She is the founder of Ancient Bliss – a company that provides 100% organic, all-natural health and wellness supplements. What’s impressive about Macy is her dedication to making people aware of the need for taking care of the body and bringing back the ancient preventive & herbalism into practice to benefit the world.

Every food has an energy and they become part of the body when we consume it. Eating unconsciously can block the flow of energy and distract our minds from the purpose of life. – Macy Schuchart

Ancient Bliss

With Ancient Bliss, Macy encourages people to live healthy inside and out. The supplements from the company provide the required elements that will help the customer to live the best life possible. She mentioned, “When we do regular exercises or any other activity, our body requires vitamins, protein, and various natural elements to recover. But many people don’t take proper nutrition afterward, which causes more damage to the body than healing”.

Macy’s discovered a lot about healing & natural supplements from her time living in Hawaii where she was exposed to a new culture, people, and their practices. This experience helped her to take a leap to become an entrepreneur and help people facing numerous health issues. Spirituality guided Macy to find the purpose of her life and entrepreneurship allowed her to take action on bringing positive change in the world.

Spiritual entrepreneurs are the ones who can bring harmony amongst people and create a world filled with joy & love. – Macy Schuchart

With the regular use of social media, many people are facing eating disorders. Along with the extremely large portion of chemical added food consuming videos are creating wrong perceptions about balanced diet to children and youth. In this generation, personalities like Macy are making an influential contribution by making people aware of the need for health & wellbeing. If you feel your body needs support to stay healthy and boost performance, check out the amazing natural supplements at Ancient Bliss.

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