Elton Hollis Redefining The True Meaning Of Success

Elton Hollis Redefining The True Meaning Of Success

Success means a lot of money, expensive cars, big houses, and luxury living to many people. But it has been seen that people who have more than they need are often alone and have no purpose in life. 

People can define success in their own way but something that has been making people feel truly successful is by helping others. No matter how big or small, being able to make an impact in someone’s life, business, career, and more gives unexplainable satisfaction rather than the possession of material wealth. 

One of the perfect examples of true success in life is Elton Hollis. He is the owner of Hol-Tech Resources, LLC and Co-founder of Golden Triangle Industrial Group and General Manager of RT Technical, LLC.

Elton has more than 25 years of experience in the business. For him, success is being able to support new business owners to achieve their dreams. Elton says “I have been fortunate to achieve what I wanted in life & business but there are many individuals who have a great idea to serve people and don’t know where to start. Helping individuals with an authentic business and sharing my part to make the world a better place feels truly rewarding”.

For Elton, every day is a day with success. The way to reach a milestone is by celebrating every step of the journey. When Elton is not helping business owners (not at work) he is making fun experiences with his grandchild and family. He says that at the end of the day, success is about giving time to family and helping them to become a better person & citizen. 

Having all the wealth but taking too much time from family is not a success. Making lots of profits in business and treating employees with low pay & pressure at work is not success. He has learned these lessons and more from working with great mentors like Joe Tant, leader of the Southeast Texas Business Referral Group and Kasey Taylor, CEO of RT Technical LLC.  Elton has also learned a lot of business wisdom from Travis Woods, his partner in the Golden Triangle Industrial Group.

According to Elton, new entrepreneurs and business owners need to understand that success is within the experience. A person can be more successful running a small local company than owning a big enterprise that doesn’t provide value to the customers. To be able to feel ultimate happiness and to understand the true meaning of success, people need to stop comparing themselves to money. 

Earning money in business is not a bad thing, it’s essential. But many people sacrifice their health & family while chasing the money game, which can cause damages that money can’t fix. 

The true meaning of success, in the end, is to see how other people, businesses, and charities have been able to accomplish big things with your selfless giving. 

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